New Music by Second∞Sight and Trying Teppanyaki For The First Time

What's up?

Welcome back, friend! I knew I'd catch you in Aesthetica Mall again. Who wouldn't want to be in a place as chill as this? So what are you doing this week? I am planning on doing some shopping with friends next month and selling my Pokémon cards. I know, it can hurt letting go a piece of your childhood, but we all grow up eventually, don't we? 

I hope that you've had a decent weekend and that you're looking forward to what's next on V. H. Hess. What am I referring to? I'll tell you shortly.

Second∞Sight Album Art: At the Shores of Our Destiny

Music Highlight: Second∞Sight's New Album “At the Shores of Our Destiny”

In this album, Second∞Sight offers a relaxing and euphoric take on aesthetic ambience.

Taking several months to compose, this long album is a masterpiece that has been carefully crafted, aimed at meditative and sleep-filled intent. With tracks as long as 1 hour, it starts with a soothing intro, which sets the mood for the listener to experience an emotional ride. The track “Light on the Other Side” is one of my favorites because it takes you on an auditory journey full of soothing harmonies, with soft chords in the background to help you unwind in the evening.

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The new album can be yours if you act fast enough. To help celebrate this release, here's a handful of Bandcamp promo codes for you to enjoy At the Shores of Our Destiny for yourself.

Redeem a code here and enjoy a new sense of relaxation!

Second∞Sight Bandcamp Promo Codes

Plate of Teppanyaki on a dark wooden table with a cup of Thai boba tea

Eating Teppanyaki for the First Time

I didn't really tell anybody but, my birthday was a few days ago! A couple friends invited me out to a noodle shop in the area. I was offered to try Teppanyaki, a Japanese dish. This was a very delicious dish, with the wheat-based noodles and the crunchy Bok Choy, which is crunch and cabbage-like to perfectly compliment the rest of the dish.

In Japan, Teppanyaki restaurants are very popular. It's a style of cooking that involves cooking food on an iron plate over an open fire or on a gas stove top. Although it sounds easy, there is a lot that goes into cooking teppanyaki dishes which can make perfecting this style of cooking challenging for first-timers.

I can proudly profess that I'm a big fan of international dishes, especially that of Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine. This partly comes from being raised on spicy food, which might work in my favor for some of the more wild dishes out there. Overall, the dish was lovely. And need I say much about the Thai boba tea? I've always loved Thai tea but never had boba gelatin with it before. This was my first time having the gelatin add-on, which helped me understand the entertainment that comes with this kind of drink!

Man wearing Daydream Sleeveless Hoodie

Next on V. H. Hess: Holiday Season Updates and Sales

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of the holiday season, and I’m excited. That’s because, I'm planning to roll out 3 holiday designs that will be sold as a limited edition collection similar to the Select REMIX tees, of which there are only 50 of each that will ever be sold. This should come too fruition by the end of this month. Speaking of holidays, I have a couple sales going on through the remainder of the year!

I'd like to end the post with a few words of appreciation for my readers who've made it through the rocky start of this new blog. Supply issues have been pretty rough in every industry, and may not let up for the remainder of the year. But we will overcome this challenge just like everything else that comes out way. Stay strong, drink lots of water, smile once per day and get some good rest!

See you later!