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How are you doing? It's your buddy, Vesper Hess! I'm glad you could make it to the mall! The first step into a wonderfully retro world has been taken! You've arrived in Pastel Park, the capitol of Lincoln! This here is Pastel Park's premier mall, Aesthetica Mall.

Here we will meet with monthly blog posts to hang out, chat about what's going with life, retro tech and entertainment, new music discoveries and and simply how to be a better person. For this first hangout, I've got a bunch of information to share!

Come chill with me at the food court and hear what I've got to say, alright? I would also like to talk about new musical findings I've discovered! I'm going to start by ordering a seafood salad and a caramel milkshake. You want a burger or something? My treat, friend!

What is Aesthetica Mall?

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Aesthetica Mall has been the center of attention on the West Coast of the United Union of Anseria for many years. Known for its retro, ethereal energy, the mall is the epicenter of the region's changing energy. The Food Court especially is a dichotomy of styles from the rest of the mall with an artistic medley of all time nostalgic vibes hanging from the ceiling and walls.

One of my favorite aspects about the mall is the perma-rain drizzling down from the glass ceiling near the food court. Relaxing white noise just does wonders, you know? And the vibrant pastel colors are painted on every wall with signature boldness. In short, the Aesthetica Mall is the central hub of the shopping, marketing and entertainment scene in Pastel Park, Lincoln.

Sponsoring CozyCon Online Convention

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So as you may have noticed, V. H. Hess is sponsoring CozyCon, an online  convention that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or any computer with Internet access! This event will occur later this month on September 25-26, 2021. It's a fun and retro-filled event that includes lots of nifty art, events, panels and entertainment from people of all locales! If you want to know more about it, go take a look

Those that attend the convention and also partake in VRChat will get an exclusive 15% discount code on all V. H. Hess products. Hope to see you guys there!

I am also giving away 3 FREE TEES to one lucky winner in my first Rad and Retro Giveaway!

Musical Discoveries

Vapor Pop! Album Cover

I've always had a huge music taste. Lately it's been knees deep en electronic music. And obviously vaporwave! As I got older, I fell into more alternative and chill music. Although these new retro aesthetic discoveries have only recently come into my life, I feel like I have a lot to share. So, after doing a bit of research, it seems like there has been a surge in growth for new retro-inspired and aesthetic music, which just goes to show how much more tunes are there to discover. This leads me to my first musical discovery I think everyone should take a listen to!

Zoro - Vapor Pop!

My first awesome musical discovery I would like to share comes from compilation artist Zoro (@Twitter) (@Bandcamp) who just recently released a new album, Vapor Pop! Take a listen below!

Promo Codes for Vapor Pop!

This album includes artists like Donor Lens, Dan Mason and Sheriff Mario RPG. With a lineup like this you're going to enjoy a variety of catchy, energetic and chill tunes to resonate with on that next road trip or creative session at your desk at night. To celebrate the release, below are Bandcamp discount codes to get the Vapor Pop! album for free! Don't delay! Check out Zoro on Twitter and Bandcamp today!

Promo Codes:

Promo codes for Vapor Pop! for free

My Monthly Retro Reveal

Pokémon Pikachu Edition C-Watch

What kind of retro gear do you all like to wear? Got anything old that's still useful to this day? The retro trend is a style of clothing , technology and accessories that is reminiscent of older times or things from the past. The vaporwave and aesthetic style has resurrected fashion statements and utility from the 80s and 90s, but now it's been popularized by the Internet.

You can, for example, find many different styles of clothing and accessories with a retro theme. Some people wear vintage sunglasses for example, or stylish clothes with patterns from decades ago.

C-Watch Thumbnail  C-Watch Thumbnail 3

Today, I'd like to show off an old find I rediscovered a month ago: the Pokémon Pikachu Edition C-Watch! I don't think I would've unearthed something like this from my attic when looking for old model train parts to resell. I don't have a battery to resurrect this device but, I know that you were able to interact with this device in a variety of ways, and it would also speak to you using a built-in speaker.

C-Watch thumbnail 2

If anyone has something old cool and retro they'd like to have featured on future blog posts, you know how to contact me!


Photo of the Month

Liminal Space Mall

Of course, today I'd like to share a monthly inspirational or pretty photo worthy of sharing with everyone. This is my snap of a liminal space in a nearby dead mall that used to be a base for arts and crafts back in the day. Hoping that the old mall will be revitalized somewhat after we get through today's societal and financial troubles. I would also like to encourage folks to take more photos if possible, at least 5 times per week to catalog everything we see and experience, even if it's just for a moment. You may look back on your collection a couple decades from now and have much to share with new friends, family and more! 

What's Next?

Toxic Banner

Ponder Collection

Before I heard out, I've got a couple announcements.

2 New Designs!

I shadow dropped two more designs on my Designs page! Toxic and Ponder. There are now 25 designs on my site on 26 different product types. There's a lot to choose from now!

15% Convention Discount

As a reminder, V. H. Hess will be sponsoring CozyCon and by attending the VRChat panels and events, you'll be able to get access to an exclusive 15% discount during the convention on September 25-26, 2021. The event is free, and attendees are encouraged to check out the panels and retro-filled entertainment to come. 

Monthly Blog Posts

I am to post around the middle of each month from here on out, so be sure follow me on social media and come visit me at the mall again! The Mall Rat Blog is for everyone.


To spread awareness of the V. H. Hess brand, I am giving away 3 free tees to one lucky winner who takes part in my Red and Retro Giveaway! Rules are super simple! Get your free entries now!

Hope to see you again soon on V. H. Hess, where Nostalgia Never Dies!