Pine forest and mountain in citrus red monochrome
Supercharged environmental perks:

Planet Proud.

Shop with confidence and a green conscience! V. H. Hess goes above and beyond for Planet Earth. In addition to getting free shipping on every order, your purchases provide several benefits towards helping keep our environment happy and healthy!
One Tree Planted Logo
Eden Restoration Project Logo
Verified Carbon Standard (Verra) Logo
FSC (Forests For All Forever) Logo
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Gardening Galore!
Plant Trees and Food.

Each order will go towards planting a tree with One Tree Planted, promoting community gardening and grow edible plants with Eden Restoration Project to help keep our planet (and bodies) healthy.

Breathe Easy.
Offset your carbon.

Your orders also offset the carbon emissions involved with shipping and life cycle of your V. H. Hess orders. This is done via Pachama and Verra Standard.

Reduce, Reuse…
Recycled Packaging.

Product packing for your order is 100% recycled, meaning your purchases are helping contribute to a more sustainable world. Collective efforts help!

Put a lid on it!
Cap Oil and Gas Wells.

Partnering with the Well Done™ Foundation, orders will go towards helping cap abandoned oil and gas wells in the USA.

Green-thumbed honor
Certified Materials.

Materials and inks are certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT for environmental goodwill. 

Working Smart.
Ethical Sourcing.

In addition, products are made using Sedex SMETA Compliance to help promote positive health and safety standards, ensuring good business and environmental ethics!

Above and beyond.
Want more?

If you have more environmental perks in mind that V. H. Hess can team up with in the future, feel free to reach out so we can help make this planet one that will last! Thanks!