Refund policy

 While direct refunds are not possible, you can exchange a product within 14 days of the purchase date, for store credit, in the amount of the product listing price to get what you want or if you are not satisfied.

Before requesting a return, please note or check the following:

  • RETURN COST - You'll be responsible for return shipping costs and taxes, a 10% restocking fee of what you are returning and any lost or damaged packages being sent back.
  • TRACKING NUMBER - To protect your return, ensure you get a tracking number and mention it before sending in the product.
  • UNWORN/UNUSED - I will accept unworn or otherwise unused products that show no sign of damage. One return per order.
  • STORE CREDIT - I will issue the store credit in the amount of the product listing price for you after I receive your return shipment. Treat any gift card or discount you receive like cash!
  • DONATING YOUR RETURNS - I won't re-ship returned merchandise. Most returned apparel will just be given away or donated to local Pennsylvania charities.

Use the address at the bottom for returns, only after we've confirmed your concern. Text or email me here if you need assistance!


V. H. Hess
P.O. Box 661, Carlisle, PA 17013

Or call 1-888-VAPRWAV