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Dark Mode Hoodie
Are you ready to take on the dark side of aestheticism? Prep your wardrobe with the signature hoodie from the Dark Mode collection, as a great addition to any gaming or dark attire.
Embrace the Dark
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Daydream Tee
Soak in the salty air and wash your worries away into the aesthetic ocean with Daydream Tee, great for that next beach party.
Dream Away
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Night Ride French Pullover
Prep your adrenaline! Ready that lead foot with Night Ride, a retro game-themed tee to show who's king of the road.
Turn the Ignition

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It's more than an apparel brand. It's a social statement of embracing nostalgia and entertainment from decades past. From retro resonance to fly fashion! See what makes V. H. Hess different and how you can follow my journey.

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