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Dark Mode Tee
Are you ready to take on the dark side of aestheticism? Prep your wardrobe with the signature tee from the Dark Mode collection, as a great addition to any gaming or dark attire.
Embrace the Dark
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Fresh Hoodie
I'm feeling fine, fresh, funky vibes today! Turn heads with this bright and vibrant hoodie from the Fresh collection, featuring strong pastel and fruity color that'll make you truly stand out.
Get Fresh

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Amplify Aesthetic Aura

It's more than an apparel brand. It's a social statement of embracing nostalgia and entertainment from decades past. From retro resonance to fly fashion! See what makes V. H. Hess different and how you can follow my journey.

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Plant a tree. Offset carbon emissions. 100% recycled packaging. Help cap oil and gas wells. Ethically-sourced materials and inks. Our small collective efforts can go a long way!

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