V. H. Hess Emblem

What does V. H. Hess represent? 

A Foundation for the Future

Time will tell. Until then, grab that popcorn and fruit juice pouch. I foresee a realm of action, drama, science fiction, video game entertainment, and more. With the power of the Virtual Aesthetica Mall, I'm ready to introduce you an awesome world. The apparel is only a minor part in the grand vision of Aesthetica. I would argue that "world" is not a fitting term for what these visions entail.

 Timeline of future projects. 2020 is apparel. 2021 is music product. 2022 is vaporwave-themed ebooks. And to be determined, animated series.

Aestheticism in True Form

These visions are absolutely unreal... It's more than a simple apparel store. In fact it is a foundation for a much larger world. This is where visions of a new world begin. One may interpret it as a mirror image of our own world, or perhaps a cauldron of emotions, dreams and memories that trigger a forlorn remembrance of the past in all of us. In any case, the world of Aesthetica is much bigger than one can imagine. What is "it"? 

Banner showing four multicolored outlines of concept characters. From left to right: a woman with long hair, man with short hair and muscle, an anthropomorphic mammal with large ears, a man with a thick winter coat looking down.

A Grand Creative Vision

As we continue to exist through time-space, it will become clear to both you and I what Aesthetica is all about. Even I am grasping at the details of what I have seen in my dreams, and in my memories. Is it our world in an alternate reality? Would you wish to live there once you truly saw everything? How deep would you dive into the realm of aesthetics? To put into words what can't be described is incredibly difficult. However, if it can be condensed to a single thought...

 A blurred ultra widescreen panorama of a 3D modeling sketch of a fictitious city in a foggy lavender aura, showing a beach, boardwalk with ferris wheel and a downtown area with skyscrapers.

V. H. Hess is...  a gateway to to the realm of nostalgic experiences and dreams.


- Vesper Harvey Hess -