What is V. H. Hess?

A blurred ultra widescreen panorama of a 3D modeling sketch of a fictitious city in a foggy lavender aura, showing a beach, boardwalk with ferris wheel and a downtown area with skyscrapers.

Grab that popcorn and fruit juice pouch, and set your TV to channel 3! I'm going to tell you a quick story. V. H. Hess is NOT just a clothing brand. It is a gateway to a realm of nostalgic experiences and worlds. What do I mean? 

Like most creative ideas of mine, they start from dreams I have. I often use them for creative inspiration for future projects; a dream journal if you will. From this I saw a great idea to execute a pun. V. H. Hess is meant to pay phonetic and nostalgic homage to both a toy brand and a popular media format! I'm sure you know them. And of course I am Vesper Harvey Hess, or V. H. Hess for short. Nice to meet you! First, let me tell you about my environmental endeavors.

An eco-friendly brand

V. H. Hess Carbon Offset Logo

Starting a brand that helps the environment was one of my primary objectives in creating V. H. Hess. And with your support, you're helping in your own little way to be kinder to the planet. Your support in embracing Aestheticism by shopping here entails the following:

  • 🌲  PLANT A TREE - Every purchase here will plant a tree via One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • 💨  CABON EMISSION OFFSET - With the Verified Carbon Standard (Verra) and Pachama, you can rest assured that your purchases are automatically carbon offset when you checkout.
  • 📦  RECYCLED PACKAGING - Recycling is important! With the transition into January 2021, your purchases will be wrapped in 100% recycled shipping materials certified by the FSC, an environmental and socially conscious organization promoting a healthier planet, to ship your products.
  • 🛢  HELP CAP OIL & GAS WELLS - Partnering with Well Done™ Foundation, we can collectively help cap abandoned oil and gas wells in the USA, which includes monitoring and restoring areas surrounding the wells.
  • 🎨  ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Your orders will include ethically sourced material using ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®️ certified ink and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ certified material. 

One Tree Planted logo 

2020 - Fresh Fashion

As time passes on, you feel nostalgic for things you enjoyed in past years. From entertainment, to music and fashion. I would like to bring that feeling first towards apparel. Let's make it feel cool and rad to wear loud clothing again. Make yourself stand out from the plethora of earth-toned colors in the crowds!

There is no product discrimination when shopping on V. H. Hess. You can browse for the apparel you want and choose a design the suits you. Or you can browse by design, then choose the product you wish to have it on. This brand will provide a greater variety of vaporwave and aesthetic apparel others stop at.

You may not see it now, but perhaps what I am creating this year will appear or be referenced in future projects. I can't wait to show you just what I mean.

2021 - Musical Memorabilia

There was a time when I played keyboard for a year and a half in addition to cello, viola and flute. But that was when I wasn't burdened with the responsibilities of adulthood. Oh, how those days are missed. However with enough support and practice, this creative medium could be revisited once more.

The retro vibes of early day synthesizers are still loved to this day. In 2021, I aim to release the first of multiple music albums for the world to chill and relax to. The first album will be called Welcome to Pastel Park.

Pastel Park, Lincoln is going to be the capital of the vaporwave aesthetic universe I am designing, Aesthetica. Located in the fictitious West Coast state of Lincoln, Pastel Park will be the beginning of many nostalgic and retro adventures, which leads me to my next stage.

2022 - Universe of Aesthetica

In the past I had a huge affinity for architectural design and, to a degree, I still do. Part of me now wishes to use that creative eye to develop a universe for vaporwave aesthetic fans to dive into, in the hopes of bringing about an aura of reminiscence, residing through imagination in the universe of Aesthetica.

I foresee a realm of action, drama, science fiction, video game entertainment, and more. I see pink sands and sun, lavender roads and sky, sea foam green taxis, and so much more I can't even describe right now. With persistence and dedication to world design, I'm wanting to introduce you an immensely retro world. Aesthetica is going to start out as a science fiction and drama series for ebooks and/or classic books set in a retro-filled world of 80s, 90s and futuristic vibes. Perhaps you'll even meet others that aren't human. Flesh? Fur? Marble or stone? Time will tell. 

TBD - Animated Series

And just when you thought I was done, I have yet another ace under the sleeve! 

To bring everything together, I am working on writing an animated series that will take place in the same universe of Aesthetica. While it's a long way from being worthy of a demo reel or a similar medium beyond character concepts, sketches and synopses, one thing I can say is that it would definitely comprise of multiple seasons, at least 4 or 5 if the time, team effort and budget would allow in the future.

Perhaps by the end of this decade something worthy of demonstration will come to be. If it goes the way I envision in my head, it's going to be one hell of a drama and action-filled show that will hit you right in the nostalgic bone (if such a thing would exist)!

 Banner showing four multicolored outlines of concept characters. From left to right: a woman with long hair, man with short hair and muscle, an anthropomorphic mammal with large ears, a man with a thick winter coat looking down.

Aestheticism in True Form

So back to the main point. V. H. Hess is more than a simple apparel store. In fact it is a foundation for a much larger creation. Supporting V. H. Hess means you are helping nostalgia live on. One of my slogans happens to be, "nostalgia never dies".

This is where visions of a new world begin. One may interpret Aesthetica as a mirror image of our own world, or perhaps a cauldron of emotions, dreams and memories that trigger a forlorn remembrance of the past in all of us. In any case, Aesthetica is much bigger than one can imagine. 




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