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Embrace Nostalgia.

A vibe that resonates with those who enjoy the retro euphoria of decades past. Grab that popcorn and fruit juice pouch, and set your TV to channel 3! I'm going to tell you a quick story. V. H. Hess is NOT just a clothing brand.

What is V. H. Hess?

First, let me introduce myself. I am Vesper Harvey Hess, or V. H. Hess for short. Nice to meet you!

Like most creative ideas of mine, they start from dreams I have. You see, I often use them for creative inspiration for current and projects.

Since 2016, I've wanted to help bring back fun, vibrant and loud clothing again. Thanks to the essence that is nostalgia which resonates in everyone's hearts, this goal was entirely achieveable. But more importantly, I want a brand that cares about the environment!

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A brand with a green thumb.

This retro-inspired brand has created pieces that are great for anyone who wants to look stylish and rad while also helping the planet!

You'll feel amazing knowing that your purchase goes towards helping the planet and that every day we're making it better for everyone!

In addition to getting Free Shipping on every order, you also help multiple environmental and ethical causes when you shop on. V. H. Hess.

Learn how our collective efforts help keep the planet happy!

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Nostalgia never dies.