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Who are you?

I am me, a person. A human. I know those that are not human. I know those that are not organic. But if you insist, I shall indulge your curiosity. I, Vesper Hess, am but a wandering soul once lost out in the Vapor Sea, just southeast of the United Union. It doesn’t matter right now that you don’t know where or what this is. Time will reveal everything of this dream-like realm. The nostalgic essence of the world of Aesthetica shall transgress into the real world. Have you heard of Pastel Park, Lincoln? You’ll see more of this later, I promise. Until then, I can only provide you visions of these aesthetic and surrealistic environments.


Where is V. H. Hess based?

Oh no, I’m going to be stalked!

OK. In all seriousness, I’m based on the planet of Earth, in Pennsylvania. I am affiliated with homo sapiens, and I’ll be sure to bring you delicious Amish pastries in your dreams if you promise to enjoy certain water or green tea with them.

Sweet deal, yeah?

 Helping the environment?

Absolutely! Your orders at V. H. Hess are carbon offset to minimize our collective impact on the environment to help sustain a habitable planet for future generations. All of this is done automatically in the background when you place an order, and V. H. Hess will help plant trees in the process. 
V. H. Hess Carbon Offset Logo
This is being done through the Verified Carbon Standard (Verra) and Pachama. Learn more:

Can you ship worldwide?


Just make sure the mailman can get to you without harm!!

Products are fulfilled in the United States, Mexico and Europe. Also materials may be supplied from additional locations.

Shipping Times & Costs


Buy Now and Pay Later?

Yes. Using QuadPay, qualified customers can get 0% interest installment plans, split up into 4 payments, separated by two weeks. Just choose QuadPay on checkout to enjoy your aesthetic purchases NOW and pay over six weeks!


What size should I buy?

When in doubt, buy 1 size up; most apparel products are pre-shrunk.

To choose the most comfortable fit, I would recommend taking a peek at my Sizing Guide.

No tracking number yet

This is normal. Depending on the supplier and carrier that ships the product, it may take up to several days to see tracking status updates. The tracking number will become active once the product starts shipping out after the estimated 2-7 business day fulfillment time. I know, it feels like the holiday season, and you can’t wait. Get me a good cheesecake cookie recipe and we can snack on sweets to celebrate! I haven’t baked one yet.


Custom designs?

There may be times where you might have an idea of an aesthetic design that I could perhaps do. In such a case, granted it's not like a standard commission that is available to only you or a certain individual or team, I could consider making a brand new aesthetic design for everyone to enjoy.

If I find an idea of yours to work out in mutual favor, I could add it to this site and give you a free copy of the all-over tee! If you have something in mind, let me know! 



Yep. That’s right. Totally. RAD!

Earn money by promoting V. H. Hess products! Share what you wear and love! Check out my affiliate program. Earn 10% of referred purchases your friends or followers make. Hey. The more the world feels the power of Aestheticism, the sooner we can all live the nostalgic dream.


Returns or Order Issues

Do you have an inquiry or concern with the following?

  • Ordering the wrong size
  • Returning a product
  • Wanting to purchase a different product
  • An otherwise erroneous purchase

Return an Order

Because V. H. Hess products are custom made-to-order, refunds are not possible. However you can exchange a product (to get the right design in a different size for example) within 30 days of purchase, for store credit, in the amount of the purchase value to get what you wanted. 

Before requesting a return, please note or check the following:

  • RETURN COST - You'll be responsible for return shipping costs and taxes, a 10% restocking fee of what you are returning and any lost or damaged packages being sent back.
  • TRACKING NUMBER - To protect your return, ensure you get a tracking number and mention it before sending in the product.
  • UNWORN/UNUSED - I will accept unworn or otherwise unused products that show no sign of damage. One return per order.
  • STORE CREDIT - I will issue the store credit for you after I receive your return shipment. Treat any gift card or discount you receive like cash.
  • DONATING YOUR RETURNS - I won't re-ship returned merchandise, as most apparel will be donated to local Pennsylvania charities. :) 

Use the address at the bottom of this page for returns after we've spoken.

The Right Size

I totally recommend, if you’re concerned about sizing or picking the right product, to check out my Sizing Guide to help ensure you’re getting a properly nostalgic and satisfying purchase! 

Contact (Text, Chat, Email)

Text Me or Chat

Simply text me using the chat button in the corner of the web page and I'll text you back! I'm around daily during USA evenings and can typically respond within an hour or two.

Apple devices will use Business Chat in the Messages app!

Contact Page

Alternatively you can also shoot me an email with the order number if applicable, and mention your inquiry, question or concern. I’ll help you out! 


V. H. Hess
P.O. Box 661, Carlisle, PA 17013